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Saltwater Taffy

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Assorted Taffy
Assorted taffy, a random assortment of most of our flavors. ..
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Sugar Free Caramel Swirl
Sugar free taffy with the classic caramel swirl!  Made with sugar substitute Maltitol. ..
Sugar Free Fruit Mix
Looking for a sugar-free taffy with all of your fruity favorites?  This is the one for you! &nb..
Sugar Free Mix
Assorted sugar-free flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, mint and 100% lacking the gui..
Vanilla Taffy
Vanilla taffy, the classic! ..
Peppermint Taffy
Peppermint taffy tastes and looks like a candy cane! ..
Strawberry Taffy
Strawberry taffy, mouthwatering strawberry flavor! ..
Bubblegum Taffy
Look out Hubba Bubba, all that's missing is the bubble blowing fun! ..
Cinnamon Taffy
A great punch of spice to a chewy treat! ..
Cherry Taffy
Sweet with an authentic cherry flavor! ..
Peach Taffy
Amazingly peach flavor - juicy and sweet! ..
Orange/Vanilla Taffy
Remember creamsickles?  This flavor perfectly captures that summer treat! ..
Banana Taffy
An excellent and popular flavor.  Captures the flavor of the fruit very well! ..
Juicy Pear Taffy
Another luscious fruit flavor captured to perfection! ..
Watermelon Taffy
A definite favorite.  Looks like a slice of watermelon - right down to the seeds!  And an ..
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